Las Vegas Vigil Held for Charlottesville Victims

Charlottesville Victims

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vigils to remember the victim of an attack on protesters in charlottesville, virginia yesterday. rallies against white nationalists today.. they had come to the city to stop the removal of a confederate statue. ..but it led to so much more. ((john langeler)) >>> in seattle today, protesters and police clashed downtown. officers used pepper spray to disperse members of a pro-trump “freedom rally”… and the main protest opposing neo-nazis and the k-k-k. ((john langeler)) >>> this was a peace rally in chicago. people held signs and put letters on the ground outside trump tower reading “real fake.” president trump is being criticized for his vague initial response to the violence in charlottesville./// >>> and in charlottesville, a vigil was held earlier this evening for heather heyer. she died yesterday when a car drove into a group of peaceful protesters. police say 20-year-old james alex fields jr. of ohio was behind the wheel./// ((“my name is jason kessler i was the organizer of the unite the right rally.” )) ((john langeler)) >>> with police lined up as a barricade and a sniper on the roof — white nationalist organizer jason kessler held a press conference at charlottesville city hall today. immediately after his speech, a mob surrounded him. police moved in, grabbed kessler and got him to safety./// ((john langeler)) >>> a group in las vegas hosted its own rally tonight…uniting for a vigil against hate. 8 news now reporter brittany edney was there and joins us now live with more on the event’s message. ((brittany edney)) >> john, tonight’s vigil paid tribute to the victims but also aimed to provide a place for people to come together and heal.

“love trumps hate, love trumps hate.” ((brittany edney)) >> nearly a hundred people came together sunday night to stand in solidarity with charlottesville virginia. and to remember 32-year-old heather heyer who died after a car plowed into a crowd of people and crashed into another vehicle. (( steven f. schraff, attendee “just disbelief that somebody would be filled with that much hatred that they would just see people as targets.” ((brittany edney)) the violent clashes that broke out on saturday are leaving some activists uneasy about going to protests. but that won’t stop them from speaking out. (( laurie lytel, attendee “then i think about how many people had to be so much braver than we are in our history and i just think it’s important that we continue to speak out. there’s a lot more of us that believe diversity is a strength and not a weakness.”)) ((brittany edney)) organizers say to keep this from happening again…. all protesters, regardless of their message, need to remember that violence only distracts and creates further divide. kenia leon, co-leader, paradise indivisible “i think the key is principles of non-violence. you will be heard and respected on your position if you have the ability for others to hear it regardless if someone likes it or agrees with it or it’s pretty or not.”)) ((brittany edney)) but it’s the hateful and violent behavior of some of the far-right demonstrators that’s hard for some to get over. (( steven f. schraff, attendee “instead of just being patriotic people, they’re spreading hatred and racism to the point where it’s slowly being normalized and that truly frightens me.” )) ((brittany edney)) >> organizers say they want to stress the importance of keeping future public protests or rallies, non-violent. reporting live, brittany edney, 8 news now./// ((john langeler)) >>> there have been so many shocking and emotional images out of charlottesville. this is one of them,. it’s 20-year-old university of nevada-reno student peter cvjetanovic (see-uh-tahn-oh -vich). this is a picture of him with senator dean heller. cvjetanovic is an undergraduate student at u-n-r. ktvn in reno spoke to him by phone. (( peter cvjetanovic “i came to this march for the message that white european culture has a right to be here just like every other culture. it is not perfect; there are flaws to it, of course. however i do believe that the replacement of the statue will be the slow replacement of white heritage within the united states” )) ((john langeler)) >>> heller responded with this tweet: “i don’t know this person & condemn the outrageous racism, hatred and violence. it’s unacceptable & shameful. no room for it in this country.” ((keely breland))

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